İnci Soydan Beauty House

Thousands of years ago the godesses have buried their beauty secrets for endless beauty. Each time when nature renews, those secrets were appeared on plants, on animals or on land. Today one lady has discovered those secrets and is sharing those secrets for people’s health and beauty.

More than a quarter century İnci Soydan has been sharing those secrets with her passion for beauty. You are very welcome to experience that unique beauty service, to have an ageless shimmering, healthy skin. Both nature and the latest tecnology is professionaly combined for lifting. You can get a younger apperance, without surgery and without loosing your natural gestures.

As in home comfort and warmth you can receive natural skin therapies, body care, slimming and form fitting, hair care, laser depilation and massage services.

İnci Soydan wants you to discover your natural beauty and to protect it. We would like to accompany your private beauty journey, with pleasure.


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